What do you think what life is?
Life can’t be defined because it is not confined and should not be confined in set rules. Life is not to breath only. Life can’t be defined in words. For some people life is just to make money, but for some life is full of joys and fun. Making money is not a bad idea, make as much as you want but don’t be a miser. My father often says ‘money is to spend’. Making the banks richer should not be our motif. One must know the ‘The Art of Living’.
Discipline is must in life but to confine the life in set rules is not a good idea. Whatever we have in our hands that is ‘Present’ and that present means our present life. We just know about hell or heaven through books, and what happens after life this body can’t even feel. So living this present life is more important than anything else.
A person can enjoy his or her life even no money in pocket. Empty hands have no fear of losing anything. Pockets full of money can buy anything but not real happiness all the times.