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  • Practice makes a man perfect

    Practice makes a man perfect

    करत करत अभ्यास के जड़मति होत सुजान रसरी आवत जात है सिल पर परत निशान

  • Snow clad peaks

    Snow clad peaks

    DJ used to say that he wanted to summit this peak. I was not surprised that he could do so because he is the Himalayan boy, born and brought up in the laps of these mountains. First time, Trilok and I met DJ at Lahaul in 2015 during our tour to Lahaul. He is actually…

  • Soaring Nature Guftgu

    Soaring Nature Guftgu

    Dear Friends, As I have already told you a little about this web site and you maybe aware of it now. Today I am going to tell you again about it. Soaring Nature is all about the Nature, human nature, thoughts which strike to our minds, the emotions which we want to express but unfortunately…